Bridge (grades 7-12)

What is the Bridge?

The Bridge is a service designed specifically for 7th-12th graders where students engage in corporate worship and small group discussions. We meet every Wednesday night at 6:22 pm. In the Student Ministry Building otherwise known as the SMB.

It is our desire at The Bridge that every student pursue a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, make a connection with other students, and influence others through service.

What to expect as a student?

Students can expect to have a great time as we engage in a different game each Sunday, learn about God through relevant teaching, and join in conversation with other people their age during our small group time.

As it is with anything new, we understand that there will be some awkward feelings, moments, and situations as you join us for the first time. We take this into account every week, so you will never be forced into something that you don't want to do. If you don't want to join in the small group conversation then no worries. We will never call on you or point you out. We let you decide when you want to chime in.

What to expect as a parent?

You can be assured that your student will be cared for in a safe and loving environment that will allow them to learn from others and not just their parents. We want to help you in raising your students so that when they graduate High School they are equipped to make biblical decisions even when it isn't easy. At The Bridge we value the family and would love to partner with you in helping your student grow on more than just a spiritual level.

Activities and Events

As a youth group it is vital that we spend time together outside of the realm of "Church". Every month we schedule different activities and events that your child will love to attend. These consist of mission trips, camps, scavenger hunts, all-nighters, movie nights, just to name a few.


youth camp 2016 from Harmony Baptist Church on Vimeo.