Our purpose for LifeGroups is to provide an environment suitable for connection and growth of adult couples and singles.

We're passionate about people connecting in groups, because we're convinced that sustained life-change happens best in the context of community. Everybody needs somebody they can laugh/cry/pray with, a safe place to ask questions or share a burden. That's why LifeGroups are so important to us!


Connection is Important!

The best way to begin meeting people at Harmony is by joining a LifeGroup. LifeGroups not only help you apply what you're hearing in the Sunday messages, but they allow you to learn from other peoples experiences. 

What is a LifeGroup?

LifeGroups consist of 5-6 couples or 8-10 singles. Each LifeGroup has a leader/ leader couple in charge of group discussion and interaction. LifeGroups meet in 12 week semesters. There are 2 semesters, the first one starts in January, the second starts in September. (Each group determines what night works best for their group). 

Topic & Sermon Based Curriculum

At Harmony we use both topical & sermon based curriculum for our LifeGroups.  Topical studies are chosen by each group individually and last 6-8 weeks. Sermon based curriculum last 4 weeks each semester and are questions based off of the sermon from that previous Sunday.  Our LifeGroup questions are designed to take the sermon deeper and to help it stick better in our minds and hearts. You can find questions to our current series online or in your bulletin on Sundays.


If you would like more information OR would like to sign up to join a lifegroup,

click on the "Click here for LifeGroups" button